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Use Google Trends to look up your passion, or better yet, where the money is. Door-to-door sales, whether telemarketing, Internet, or literally by meeting perfect strangers will get you called the worst names. Whereas MLM/ATAP is the one hope to earn a lot with little risk, it is not the best first approach to earning a lot in the beginning. CPA (cost per action) and one-tier affiliate programs are too competitive, and big money CPM people will put you out of business soon, But pooled drop-shipping, where you buy wholesale with a large profit margin, use a PayPay, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. shopping cart, and start selling to other members here free (spend nothing on advertising and marketing) or use your free account when you buy a membership here for as little as $9.95/month to build your self-sustaining pyramid, is the secret to high-profits sooner. Use the forums here to pool your assets into a safe and reliable escrow account ( with people you are likely to have a common interest with. Propose to other entrepreneurs and investors here how to start a drop-shippers pool to buy at lowest possible discount price, preferably using Using Google Trends to study the vital future’s market, come up with products that have not be invented yet. This includes 500 t-shirts for $500 with someone else’s logo that they would be happy to have you reproduce on attire and other paraphernalia (eg. t-shirts, jackets, mugs, hats, back-packs, mugs, pens, banners, flags, buttons, placards, etc.). The same t-shirts usually retail at $9.95, or a 900% mark-up! So spend as little as $100, 4 other people do the same to max-out where the most money gets the cost-per-unit as cheap as possible, and you make $900 with little to no effort, selling this merchandise here, with a Facebook page, your own website with Panda Busters, at swap meets, and so on. There are libraries of good clip art at

Something like a seed (main) keyword, on the main page, business, science, technology, etc., may be trending downward, but through my tutorials through the blog, chat, and podcast, as well as many online tutorial from others about Fourier analysis (calculating the trend in the future for the inherit wave-like nature of everything) the seed keyword may be trending downward, but related topics and queries provided are what are trending upward. The big picture is the sum of the little pictures, so you may optimize your blog page with those words only, or add the seed keyword knowing if it’s trending downward, Fourier wave-forms normally suggest it will trend upward some time in the future because the “little picture” keywords are trending upward.Using Google’s keyword planner, as well as suggested categorical words from Facebook based on interests is also helpful. is useful as well for finding words that are synonyms or fluctuations of the seed keyword trending upward, high demand, low competition (high KEI or “keyword efficiency index”). These are good for anchor text when you use, as a seller where you command solicited mass advertising to affiliates on top of a 100-tier pyramid with high search engine rankings, which is free if you pay a membership fee here. Be advised that many of these keywords are loss leaders, like 99-cent blue ray discs where you lose money, but if sold next to a blue ray player with a high profit margin, and a special deal (buy a blue ray player, get 10 free blue ray discs of your choice) which is the key to doing well in marketing for more traffic and more profit-per-day. Word Tracker is free for 7 days than $30/month after that, minimum. Otherwise, you can use Google Trends for free, look up the keywords in double quotes (” “) to determine the number of competitors, place them on a spreadsheet, and compare the ratios of demand versus competition, rank, and make decisions what is best to write content for and sell.

Affiliate t-shirtPlace you URL (website address) on the attire or paraphernalia you sell. If you sign-up as a member (which can be free) at join now, and create your username (eg. “jack”) you can place the URL “” on your t-shirt, hat, etc., and as customers come here to spend money, you get cascading commissions that you decide on for up to three tiers that you decide on (eg. 20%, 10%, and 5%) when the surfers you attract decide to become sellers and promote something different, you still get commssions.

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