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More people in the network means increasing the likelihood of one person coming up with a great idea, and pooling treasury money together to buy wholesale merchandise from sold at retail prices cheaper than Walmart, better customer service, and more convenient. Great self and institutional education, school of hard knocks, all welcome. Brain-storm for best-case and worst case scenarios, to be proactive against the weakest links, and Murphy’s Law. Sub-categorize what you brain-storm on to create fish diagrams, statistical process control, Deming and Reiker team management and statistical process control (SPC) – a must have for survival and prosperity.

Join as an instant member of the board of directors, stock options when we incorporate, with all the information you need to be a successful self-employed individual, and insurance against individual business down-turns.

Cancel your monthly subscription here anytime here, and cancel PayPal subscription (recurring billing) on their end – 100% scam-proof.

Access other members for help on free cost-and-risk free CPA pyramid building software, how to create a large list of high demand, low competition, trending upward keywords, free trial balloons, surveys, ROI checking, cost reduction investor pools, jobs, vote on community profit re-distribution rules, much more. What you spend on your monthly subscription is what percentage of the total you earn on profit sharing.

Register and make payment on bottom of page to de-activate restrictions and login automatically anytime to access a necessary database critical to survival, including autonomous robots that make human labor obsolete, how to obtain them before money becomes unnecessary, automate your business, go tax free for survival with exemptions and tax audit insurance, DO NOT BE LEFT OUT!

Bronze subscription package will increase by 50% by July 1, 2018, and 50% every month after that for a year.

For free account, make less money unless you buy extensively from other self-employed members of the network, please contact us.

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