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Mutual symbiosis. You win, I win. Not everything requires a sacrifice. Technically, nothing does. No-to-low risk, high profit advertising and pooled wholesale purchases. Better quality and quantity. Proactive and more peacefully reactive. Better security with more convenience. More sophisticated, and more user-friendly.

Money always wins. Historically, people with more money are “branded” or established, can buy anything in bulk (cost per impression/click or press release advertising for high Google rankings), and paying less per unit anything includes wholesale versus retail merchandise, have a higher profit margin, and put small competitors out of business. The tax exemptions and deductions are more likely to apply to them. The wealthy do not disproportionately pay more in taxes. Like Leona Helmsley said, “Only the little people pay taxes”.

But power to the little guy and the little gal as we have leverage against them!

The wealthy inherit their wealth 95-99% of the time, are spoiled, over-confident, and cannot survive in a dog-eat-dog society, always doing miscreant things that eventually disenfranchises their customers, hate competition, greed over-consumes them because of drastic income fluctuations where they are paranoid of being poor. Donald Trump was $1 billion in debt in 1991.

Hyperbolic decay
Hyperbolic decay when price vs. quantity over time yields demand curves for cost per impression/click advertising, wholesale vs. retail, etc. Polarization, where cost per unit “anything” goes down with larger per-day investments, means the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Here we can use no-to-low cost, high profit margin, Multi-tier Affiliate Programs (MTAP), which is cost-per-action (CPA) advertising and merchandising with a necessary pyramid incentive, and as a pool, invest and make non-CPA advertising much less expensive, better, yet you spend nothing with MTAP for all to buy from other members’ pyramids, make money and only redistribute when members, not daily voters, as a majority, decide to contract Darwinist polarization. 75% vote of members in 7 days are needed to modify constitution. The complicated human psychology alone will sometimes dispel the myth that we as customers are completely bound to firms that are good competitors at first, then they crush competition once they become too wealthy and have more volatile income levels as they become too greedy. As a world community, we can all be self-employed and appreciate both Adam Smith and John Nash at the same time – “Competition guarantees prosperity”, but “Greed is not good. Greed, for a lack of a better word, does not work”.

The wealthy, even smaller hierarchy-type companies, are controlled by evil double standards like what you read about in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. Boxer the work horse works from sun up to sun down, and then is sold to the glue factory where he can’t work any more. The reward for good work is more work, and low appreciation. The brown-nosing sycophant pigs drink the cool-aid of the farmer, treat other animals and even the customers like garbage, steal the surplus even after their scam disenfranchises the customer and they go out of business, but still giggle all the way to the bank, and exploit other animal-workers and customers elsewhere. There are the middle-men leaches, communication break-downs, and bureaucratic barriers. Many have to eat inventory, too much supply, then earn low demand after they can’t serve customers who leave them if they over-heat and can’t hire people fast enough because of labor law restrictions. Their human resource departments are always unqualified and dismiss good candidates, approve bad ones, worry too much about repercussions from lawyers, hate paying EDD, unless they force good employees to quit through undeserved bad job reviews so they don’t have to pay it, or anticipate the possibility of law suits even if employees are hired in “at will” states which can still lead to discrimination law suits, consequences for lay-offs just prior to promised retirement benefits, and “legislate from the bench” challenges or precedents that can trump legislation. Hiring mostly contractors since 1991 because of fear of “dead wood”, they use overseas trust funds to thwart lawyers, but they have too many tangible assets like real property. Many are domestic firms over-taxed and over-regulated, who will have to become International to compete. And that gives us a golden opportunity to do what is imperative, now that all governments are losing tax revenue and there will be more social Darwinism – individuals must be prepared. Overseas trust funds, foreign tax ID’s, and foreign payment processors means the self-employed and the corporation I am forming here where you can become members and don’t ever have to pay taxes under International law, and no sovereign country or globalist group of countries can ever change those laws, especially if the politicians, courts, and lawyers know they are going to lose all their tax money. You don’t want to be eaten alive by more informed competition who don’t pay taxes and who don’t volunteer information. Privatization, self-governance, diversification, proactive, non-violent vigilantism brings peace and perfection to the world.

David versus Goliath
Yes you can! Don’t let the passive-aggressive bullies demean you. They want you to play the role of victim, and feel sorry for yourself, to profit off the dependencies, they love it when you’re a victim. Living well is the best revenge!

By pooling the small contributions of many small entrepreneurs/investors together, with your websites (don’t have one, we’ll help you build it for free! Free canonical domain, with a WordPress short-learning-curve website building process where you don’t need to know a coded language, just watch a few entertaining tutorials at YouTube) and/or brick and mortar businesses, we can buy advertising, the real secret to succeeding as a start-up, cheap per unit price, even free with with cost-per-action pyramid building, Multi-Tier Affiliate Program (MTAP) with white hat SEO robots advertising to affiliates who will have seven advantages as affiliates or resellers when they receive advertising and outbound links. Robots sell, accept or reject sales’ propositions, not just based on black-listed versus white-listed keywords, but number ranges for desired commission percentages. There are no cold contacts, all permission-based, nothing unsolicited. We will show you how to test your ideas with free trial balloons and guarantee a positive return on investment! Don’t have ideas? We’ll show you how to capitalize on the talent you have, and correlate it to markets that are trending upward, high demand, and low competition. Free ROI tracking, campaigns, sub-campaigns, split-testing, keyword mergers/combination generators for millions of cheap, high conversion keywords, cost per impression advertising as low as 0.0003 cents, but no-risk CPA pyramid incentive here where your score for a weighted-average industrial democracy (you buy a certain monetary amount from other member’s MTAP’s, added to your desired monthly membership fee, but free if you prefer, and they increase their score by buying from your MTAP’s and encouraged to purchase a member’s fee as well) gives you that higher score, or money spent times vote for members to make all and any company decisions to keep guild prosperous. The rich don’t spend money, and the poor live pay-check-to-pay-check, but whereas liberals usually don’t like pyramids and hierarchies, if you are rewarded based on what you spend, buying from many other member MTAP’s, more than based on what you earn, with variable income to encourage saving and investment to reduce inflation, you create an anarcho-centrist paradise, Conservatism is all about uplifting the downtrodden individual, and with a legal tax revolt, and many great ideas, the economy will go into warp drive, government only makes everything worse. Whereas some claim you need sacrifice and losers, nothing is further from the truth, for even though energy is conserved, higher energy levels, where more people are happy and productive, rather than unemployed and miserable, we can do something not possible before when labor guilds of the past could not get joint venture capital and could not compete with big money going overseas to exploit workers for much lower wages. Whereas liberalism is said to make you lazy, as a computer scientist, it’s good to be lazy, and instead of over-coding machines (sand the floor, paint the fence from “Karate Kid”), assign responsibility to autonomic robots and 3D printers. Although many are on government money from the after-effects of the Obama administration, many of these same people have learned from the best school of all, the school of hard knocks, how to compete doing what serves your interests and talent. The division of labor will shift greatly, with a closing gap such that a consumer-only-driven-economy is more likely to serve people doing self-employment business where the division of labor is based on quick Internet access to understanding what is hot and how to direct one’s interest, creating talent, to serve the customer who is king (won’t it be great when the word “job” is no longer in our vocabulary?!). Take down

Higher energy levels means no sacrifice
Energy is conserved, but that does not mean the standard of living can’t improve for everybody. Higher energy levels, with great ideas and the minimization of tax liability, man-machine duality, where people are happy and productive, instead of unemployed and miserable, will happen now!

evil globalists who capitalize on paying sweat shop slaves 30 cents an hour in places like Vietnam trapped 16-24 hours a day in buildings with suicide nets, producing products that usually die right after the warranty expires, They will lose credibility with fear of workers rising up with Internet, satellite, smart phones with non-censor-able repeaters/Net, and become “take the money and run” slave-driver parasites who can run but not hide. We can take a cut in pay/commissions in hard times to protect all self-employed members from “lay-offs”, generous profit-sharing with many anticipated good times. Be dynamic with a division of labor that will change like never before. Adapt, improvise, and overcome, and “absorb the shock” of personal downfalls with an insurance policy where you get a pick-me-up by the community of investors. Durable goods, perishables, etc. with a low profit margin for retail (but not wholesale, the strength of building a pool of network marketers, meet others doing this at here, a 50% commission is doable and irresistible, taking down Walmart, even Amazon, with something more convenient, no need for expensive warehouses as you use your garage or spare room, more information online about the product/service with a rotating animation of it so you don’t have to physically hold it, no trips to the annoying crowds at Walmart with bad or no customer service, limited to certain hours a day, without the 24/7 audio/video chat service you provide, others will work as chat support when you can’t for $1/hour with audio/video/chat assistance, people hate to use the phone to make calls, discussion boards, chat group and views of instant customer recommendations/condemnations, the Internet will make a comeback and do better than the 90’s)


Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, French politician/Federalist. is, based on the best and most concise definition I can give, an industrial democracy, the invention of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, where the workers vote on everything. No managers, just me as sole proprietor who will turn chairman as a legal title, to educate, not lead, as power is always abused until revolted against peacefully, with evil tyrants self-destructing and permanently losing credibility.

Once incorporated, all members/self-employed workers will automatically be board directors and have first-hand stock options. On Wall Street, institutions make money on stocks 80% of the time on average, small investors lose money about 80% of the time. That is because they (CEO and the board of directors) often commit insider trading, and are more likely to get away with it, unlike the worker who cannot afford a good attorney, or even the more common “legal insider trading” where they dump stock just shy of “the bell”, and cheat the small investor, and many are their own workers and consumers, out of a lot of money. As an honest firm with all workers on the board of directors automatically (yes, even if that means billions, we will make everything needed according to the laws of supply and demand), that won’t happen, plus we use Fourier calculators (looking at the inherit wavelike nature of everything, like rising/falling stock values, the big picture or waves are the sum of the little ones, sub-factors or waves based on contributing variables or changing Internet language, and smaller waves below them, mapped out by computer simulation until margins of error become negligible) to predict the future, stock values, trends analysis, etc., to hyper-accelerate company and stock value performance in what will be an economy better than what we had in Reagan days. More people engaging in a social media forum/Skype/Hangout series of discussions means more good ideas for superior statistical process control quality, delegated to machines for higher quantity – brainstorm, sub-categorize with fish diagrams, do it right the first time – we can’t fail!

See on how to pass on opt-in e-mail newsletters to your contact list and score high on an advertising pyramid, and earn money for referrals, while educating all e-mail users how to filter out unwanted spam, but benefit from the useful MTAP solicitations.

You can join for free, request a free canonical domain (eg., sell what you want to sell using our guidelines, participate by following daily board meanings with your vote, multiplied by what you spend, even if you pay no monthly membership fee, can be part of a profitable bonanza where you still earn income by voting for a higher profit-sharing percentage, and benefit from what should be escalating stock values! Pay $49.95/month or more, get a free lifetime membership as seller at Contact us and let us know you are interested. A $400/month value!

See charter. for preliminary four faceted terms of our industrial democracy, including profit sharing, taking a cut in revenue, voting on how to sell and buy our stock and when and for what reasons, the percentage of revenue the CEO is compensated for, and how and for what reason to change the constitution, or charter.

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